Oat Cosmetics Releases Amazing New AvenaPLex Data

30th September 2019, Southampton, UK – Oat Cosmetics, part of Oat Services Ltd, and specialists in high quality natural cosmetic ingredients, has released comprehensive new data relating to its active lipid complex, AvenaPLex.

An already strong data pack has been enhanced with the addition of a Cutaneous Skin Hydration Study, Consumer Perception Study and 28-Day Comedogenicity Study. Results for these studies will be available in full when Oat Cosmetics co-exhibits with US Distributor Charkit Chemical Company on Booth 335 at CaliSCC Suppliers’ Day (2nd – 3rd October) in Long Beach, CA.

Key conclusions from the studies show that AvenaPLex:

  • Significantly increases skin hydration after 28 days
  • Increases the production of the skin’s natural moisturising factors
  • Is non-comedogenic
  • Reduces the number of Micro cysts, Blackheads, papules and Pustules over a 28-day period
  • Left 91% of users feeling their skin was more hydrated, 86% stating that they had softer skin, 82% agreeing that their skin’s texture was improved and 77% stating their skin felt more radiant
  • Scored an overall skin improvement performance rating by users of 82%

When asked about the significance of the new research, Cara Dewis, Head of Research and Development at Oat Cosmetics replied: “This is really strong data – despite the cohort for these studies having oily skin, as determined by a dermatologist, and the fact that AvenaPLex is anhydrous, skin hydration was significantly improved after 28 days. In one participant, the hydration improvement was a staggering 26%.”

Angus Robertson, Head of Sales added:

This data adds to what is already a very strong data pack. Despite only being launched in April this year, AvenaPLex has seen global adoption and is an amazingly low cost active, given its skin benefits. If there is another 100% natural, raw material approved by Ecocert in accordance with the COSMOS Standard that contains skin identical ceramides, is non-comedogenic and will significantly improve skin condition, I have yet to find it!”

AvenaPLex (Avena sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract) is a complex of skin identical lipids (including ceramides, phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine) that delivers the short-term and long-term protection of aged skin. Thanks to its unique composition, AvenaPLex assists in the rapid absorption of skin beneficial molecules, supplements skin lipids, aids the strengthening of the dermis and helps prevent the loss of skin elasticity and firmness.

For more information on Oat® Cosmetics’ full offering please click here, or alternatively contact Angus Robertson, Head of Sales, on + 44 2380 767228 or email ar@oat.co.uk.

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