Oat BioBeads

A natural, marine biodegradable microbead made with proven skin active, Oat COM (advanced colloidal oatmeal) that dissipates on contact with skin to deliver the benefits of Oats.


  • Oat COM USP – Delivers all of the benefits of colloidal oatmeal, such as skin hydration and moisturization, in a bead.
  • Biodegradable – Marine safe, natural microbeads that biodegrade over time causing no harm to the environment.
  • Micro-plastic alternative – Globally accepted and approved alternative to environmentally harmful micro-plastics.
  • Choice – Different (natural approved) colours and sizes available.

The Alternative To Micro-plastics

Micro-plastic beads that wash down drains cannot be filtered out by many wastewater treatment plants, meaning that they slip easily into waterways. Fish and other marine animals often eat them, which can be fatal and also introduces potentially toxic substances into the food chain.

Countries have moved to ban the use of micro-plastics in cosmetics and Oat BioBeads are a natural, marine biodegradable and skin beneficial alternative.

Key Properties


Oat Active

Encapsulates advanced colloidal oatmeal, Oat COM, into collapsible cellulose beads. Acts as a redness reducer, skin soother and relieves skin disorders.

Skin Soother

Oat BioBeads soften in water, breaking easily when rubbed on the skin. Allows the active Oat COM to be used in wider range of formulations.

Safe to Use

These biodegradable microbeads are safe to use on skin and hair as no irritation, redness or damage will occur with use.


Oat BioBead size colour

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Other Ingredients

avoine bio

Organic Range

A full range of ingredient derived from organic oats

colloidal oatmeal from Oat Cosmetics


Industry leading colloidal oatmeal

Virgin Poppy Seed Oil

Sustainably sourced, natural virgin oil

AvenaPlex Oat active


Unique active lipid complex