New Appointments in R&D and Administration

In recent years, Oat Cosmetics’ sales have grown rapidly as the brand continues to establish a strong global presence driven by the personal care industry’s demand for all-things-natural. As a result of this growth, expansion of the Oat Cosmetics team has become essential – recently appointing Emilie Gombert and Sarah Aslin-Clark to the roles of New Product Development Assistant and Administration Assistant respectively.

Emilie Gombert (New Product Development Assistant)

Working with Cara Dewis, Head of Product Development, Emilie will be assisting in the delivery of highly efficacious new oat-derived ingredients for use across the beauty and personal care markets. From administrating laboratory testing to executing product quality assessments, the role of New Product Development Assistant is set to be both challenging and diverse. Emilie recently obtained a master’s degree in chemical engineering from a highly regarded university in Northern France which, very aptly for her new role, specialises in the study of organic and inorganic chemistry. Whilst studying for her degree Emilie also undertook several internships, gaining valuable experience in the development of natural cosmetic ingredients – particularly focusing on those with anti-ageing claims. Emilie’s strong knowledge and hands-on experience in this category is likely to prove invaluable to the Oat Cosmetics R&D team following the recent launch of AvenaPLex, our active lipid complex which helps to prevent and manage the signs of ageing. 

When asked about her new role, Emilie said:

“I am delighted to be joining the R&D team given my passion for naturalness in cosmetics, and am overjoyed to be working for a company that has such a strong commitment to sustainable and socially responsible practices as Oat Cosmetics. Within my new role, I’m particularly excited to be attending conferences around Europe from which I hope to return with valuable knowledge on the latest industry trends.”

Sarah Aslin-Clark (Administration Assistant)

Having previously worked in events management, we believe that Sarah’s experience solving complex logistical problems in high pressure situations will make her an invaluable member of the Admin team here at Oat Cosmetics. From day-to-day, Sarah will be working with Claire Hawkins, Sales and Logistics Administrator, to manage freight logistics, process orders, and administrate product statements among many other essential tasks to support the team. With many new product launches in the pipeline, and an ambitious company growth plan, Sarah joins Oat Cosmetics at a pivotal time when the Admin team must work closely to ensure operations run smoothly even as demands become greater.

Sarah commented:

“I am excited to be joining such an innovative company, and to learn more about the fast-paced beauty and personal care industry in a challenging new role. I hope that my previous experience in event management will enable me to bring a fresh perspective to tasks within the Admin team and to fulfill the growing demands of the company.”  

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