oat_silkOat® Cosmetics have launched themselves into 2015 by revealing new analysis data on their texturising ingredient Oat® SILK ‘The Touch of Luxury’.  Positioned as an ingredient to offer luxuriant textural modification to skin care cosmetics, Oat® SILK  was launched successfully in 2014, however new data has now revealed an additional skin health benefit due to the natural lipids and antioxidants found within the flour.

Oat® SILK is a finely milled debranned oat flour, now found to contain approximately 7% oat oil, together with antioxidants including the highly potent avenanthramides and the powerful moisturiser oat beta glucan. These naturally occurring molecules offer the consumer skin conditioning and protection properties.  Oats are unique amongst cereals in containing whole oil bodies, distributing the oil throughout the kernel.

Oat® SILK’s naturally high lipid content is distinct, giving it a major advantage over other natural texturisers, such as cereal starches by imparting superior textural properties to creams lotions and colour cosmetics supporting skin health . The oil fraction within Oat® SILK contains approximately 26% phospholipids with a combination of emulsifiers and skin acting lipids and ceramides. These molecules are highly moisturising as well as demonstrating powerful reparative capabilities. Additionally Oat® SILK’s high oil content along with a controlled small particle size gives an optimal compressibility offering the formulator a versatile ingredient for use in colour cosmetics as pressed powders.

Oat® SILK is a cost effective and versatile ingredient which reduces the greasy feel of formulations by absorbing formulated oil with an immediate brightening and mattifying effect on skin tone.

For more information on this ingredient please visit our website https://oatcosmetics.com/ingredients-formulations/oat-silk/ or contact Angus Robertson, Business Development Manager +44 2380 767228 or ar@oat.co.uk.