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Oils used for cosmetic purposes have gained more and more traction in the beauty and personal care industry over the past few years. The trend may have started with haircare products such as Moroccan oil, but now oils are used in all types of products, from body lotions to pressed powders. To learn more about the different categories of products which use oils in their ingredients, from aromatherapy to makeup, click the image to the right.


There is a common misconception that oil-based products are not suitable for oily skin, however they are actually extremely effective at restoring the healthy oil balance in the skin and dissolving sebum which can cause acne. Similarly, oils are such versatile ingredients, meaning the same oil product can be used for many different purposes. For example, you can remove your makeup with the same product that conditions your hair! Read more about some different types of natural oils, our very own Oat oil and the multi-functionality of these ingredients by clicking the image below:



Oat Oil

Our Oat® Lipid e (oat oil) is full of anti-oxidants and fatty acids, making it highly effective in moisturising, soothing and replenishing the skin, whilst restoring its natural balance. Ceramides in the oil also mean that it can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. This unique gluten-free oil is especially effective in moisturising, making it perfect for dry skin, hair and lip formulations. To learn more about Oat®  Lipid e, visit the ingredient page on our website.


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