Worth the hype? Lip Oils explained

We have seen oils being incorporated into every single aspect of the beauty regime and after multiple brands have taken things to the next level by introducing them into lip care, lip oils are taking over the market.

Prestigious brands from Clarins, YSL, The Body Shop to drug store brands including ‘Yes To…’ have all launched their own take on the lip oil. Lip oils differentiate themselves from traditional lip products in the following way –  they have a thicker consistency and are non-sticky compared to gloss, they provide more hydration than balms and also leave a long lasting stain or tint on the lips.

Consumers love this new approach and have voted with their money –  first introduced as a limited edition product, the Clarins lip oils sold out nationwide within minutes of being launched. Due to the huge success and demand for their lips treatments, Clarins made the wise decision to reintroduce the oils as a permanent feature in their product range, much to the delight of many influential beauty bloggers including Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons.

Currently most brands are using ‘on-trend’ oils including jojoba and hazelnut, none of which boast the same long lasting hydration and non-greasy feeling as our award winning oat oil, Oat Lipid. Oat Lipid differs in its unique lipid profile, offering the consumer anti-oxidants, moisture regulating ceramides, and intense hydration in each application. Plus it is gluten free!

So whilst the lip oil explosion has taken off, there is still room for expansion and product improvement. We are using the Innovation Zone at In-Cosmetics as a platform to demonstrate how brands can produce a new and exciting lip oil with improvements over those already on the market.

Visit the Innovation Zone at In-Cosmetics Paris 2016 or find out more about our oat oil, Oat Lipid.

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