Unlock the Latest Haircare Trends with Oats

Unlock the latest haircare trends with oats. In this blog, we will explore current hair trends and their significant influence on the cosmetics industry, especially in relation to selecting and formulating ingredients. We dive into our take on each trend, as a supplier of natural, oat-based ingredients. Discover how our oat ingredients align with current movements.

Hair trends are not just about aesthetics; they are a reflection of lifestyles changes, societal aspirations, and environmental concerns. In an era where personal wellbeing, and the mind-body connection are paramount, customers are reviewing their beauty products from a multi-faceted perspective.


Skinification’ in haircare refers to the application of skincare claims and ingredients to haircare practices. Hero skincare ingredients are gaining traction in haircare as consumers look for trusted, high-performance formulas. Key skin claims that are translating to haircare include, scalp microbiome, hydration, and protection (including UV protection).

Oat ingredients are recognised as a nourishing natural ingredient in skincare, as well as in haircare. As customers look to minimise the range of ingredients in their routines, quality, multi-functional ingredients are being favoured.

Conscious Consumer

The ‘conscious consumers’ in the beauty industry, are making informed and ethical purchasing decisions. These customers are seeking brands with products and values that align with their own ethics. As customers become increasingly eco-conscious, manufacturers must be more transparent about their sourcing, production, and ethical practices to appeal to consumer needs.

Consumer interest in natural and botanical ingredients are rising as they are considered safer and cleaner. With natural, data led ingredients our products offer full transparency. As an ethical company, supporting sustainable practices, we work responsibly and strive for minimal environmental impact.

Scalp Care

Scalp care is becoming common in haircare routines, to maintain healthy scalp health. Greater understanding of the impact of scalp health on the overall condition and appearance of the hair is driving innovation. Scalp care is seen as a key part of a holistic haircare routine, as a healthy scalp provides nourishment to the entire hair.

Our Oat Hair range includes a selection of natural ingredients with proven efficacy from root to tip. Oat COM is recommended as an ingredient for scalp care treatments, with capabilities to soothe, and support the skin barrier.


The wellness trend is an ongoing movement where beauty and personal care products are targeting not only physical appearance but supporting overall well-being. There is a growing holistic perspective when it comes to haircare, it is more than a defining feature of beauty, but overall hair health.

Targeting hair concerns, and supporting hair health, our ingredients have proven efficacy. Our range of unique ingredient profiles offer long-lasting solutions to complex haircare issues.

Science-led Ingredients

The ‘science-led’ trend in haircare is the focus on ingredient quality and efficacy. Consumers desire scientific research and evidence-based ingredients so that they know can trust what they are applying to their hair. There is a growing awareness of specific molecules and their capabilities within solutions. Customers are researching these ingredients to seek their desired results and ensure they’re getting the best value for their purchase.

Our ingredients target hair concerns, with both physical and nourishing benefits to hair. Through rigorous research and testing, our ingredients are data driven, ensuring they have proven efficacy in their capabilities. 

Customers are seeking products that align with their personal beliefs and values, whilst still performing with high efficacy. Brands are having to work to offer effective products, with transparency to appeal to the conscious consumer.

Our Oat Hair portfolio provides solutions for many major haircare concerns. From a scalp-soothing colloidal oatmeal, with Oat COM, to a strand-strengthening oat beta-glucan, in Glucaveen, we’ve got everything you need to develop powerful formulations that relate to current consumer needs.

Visit our product pages to get access to the latest data on each ingredient, by downloading our data packs.

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