in-cosmetics Global 2019: A Review

The Oat Cosmetics team have recently returned from a whirlwind three days at in-cosmetics Global, Paris. For three newly appointed team members, this was their first experience of any major cosmetics exhibition, meaning they had little idea what to expect before arriving at Porte de Versaille. Luckily, however, reality surpassed any expectations!

Overhead View of Exhibition Centre

First impressions for the new Oat team members? The scale of the show was far greater than ever anticipated, with hundreds upon hundreds of exhibition stands, some of unbelievable grandeur, lining the vast venue and thousands of eager visitors and representatives bustling through the doors.

What Did We Get up To?

Members of our Sales, Marketing and R&D team attended the show, all with differing roles to fulfil over the course of the exhibition. Whilst the sales team could usually be found engaged in meetings with our global network of distributors, the R&D team attended countless seminars and workshops to enhance their knowledge of key topics such as the skin microbiome, and the marketing team were busy chatting all things oat with visitors to the stand.

We’ve put together a brief video of our time at in-cosmetics, so take a look below for a little insight into what we got up to!

Launch of AvenaPLex

Perhaps the most exciting part of the show for all Oat team members was the launch of AvenaPLex, a unique oat active that repairs, renews and replenishes the skin’s lipid barrier, helping to prevent and manage the signs of ageing. This powerful anhydrous active has an exceptional 40% polar lipid content and, among many other beneficial properties, increases skin essential ceramide levels.

AvenaPLex Display at in-cosmetics

The culmination of four years work by the R&D team, we were delighted to receive an overwhelmingly positive response to AvenaPLex from the visitors who attended our stand, often amazed by the ingredient’s exceptional sensorial properties.

Innovation Zone

This year in the Innovation Zone we tapped into the plastic-free trend currently driving the cosmetics market by displaying Oat BioBeads, our natural, marine biodegradable microbeads made with Oat COM. Perusing the rest of the Innovation Zone, we saw many other of the key trends brought to fruition with anti-pollution, microbiome, and marine ingredients on every corner. Oat BioBeads in the Innovation Zone at in-cosmetics

The Oat team certainly felt that this in-cosmetics Global event was bigger and better than ever before, with so many captivating conversations had, and invaluable relationships established. Moreover, for the new members of the team attending in-cosmetics Global meant solidifying understanding of the fascinating cosmetics industry and gaining a great appreciation of Oat Cosmetics’ worldwide presence and popularity.   

Missed us at in-cosmetics? You can catch us at New York Suppliers’ Day from 7-8 May on Charkit’s booth (1437).

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