Holistic Skin Care with AvenaPLex: A Story of Success

Veoli Botanica is a vegan skin care brand which has expertly positioned itself within a flourishing segment of the beauty market, striving to ease the tolls of modern life with all-natural, traceable skin care. Founded just four years ago, the Polish firm’s marked success is clear to see in its remarkably comprehensive offering of rich moisturisers, artistic cleansers and skin-loving tonics among a handful of other Instagram-worthy essentials.

Holistic Skin Care For Wellbeing

Veoli Botanica prides itself on developing formulas and formats that meet the needs of today’s ‘active woman’. This means targeting those who endure the impacts of a fast-paced, 21st-century lifestyle – be it the harmful effects of pollution from a traffic-ridden street, or the anxiety caused by social media in an increasingly connected world. To this end, the brand has sought to adopt a more holistic view of skin care – a marriage of beauty and wellness that has enabled it to further differentiate from growing competition in the natural space.

“The skin is an integral reflection of the processes taking place inside the body”, says Veoli’s founder. It is this sentiment that forms the guiding principle for the brand’s range of products that seek to nourish both mind and body through a flawless combination of aromatherapy and cosmetics. The cross-over between the beauty and wellness industries is certainly a lucrative niche for Veoli and other start-ups hoping to strike a similarly authentic chord. In fact, Mintel recently cited wellbeing as a key consumer trend driver and one which has been propelled into the mainstream years ahead of its time by COVID-19. Driven by a desire to enhance wellbeing, consumers are now actively seeking solutions to stress in the form of relaxing, comforting products: a shift that has been particularly favourable for the thriving skin care market [1].

The 2-in-1 Makeup Cleansing Oil

Packaged in a recyclable glass jar, Veoli Botanica’s 2-in-1 Makeup Cleansing Oil contains energising sweet orange pieces and comprises a sumptuous blend of plant-derived ingredients. The Oil is a luxurious yet convenient multi-tasker: gently dissolving all traces of makeup while nourishing the skin with botanical extracts and oils to rapidly renew and rejuvenate. AvenaPLex, our active lipid complex and key ingredient in this skin-loving formulation, is a unique oat extract which enables the Cleansing Oil to impart outstanding anti-ageing benefits on the skin. Rich in free fatty acids, sterols and polar lipids, AvenaPLex rapidly replenishes skin lipids depleted due to ageing and environmental aggressors, and increases skin ceramide production to strengthen barrier protection.

The 2-in-1 Makeup Cleansing Oil has been rigorously tested to verify its ability to deliver on key claims. Notably, the results show that after two weeks of use the Cleanser actually decreases sebum secretion by 20% – ideal for those with combination or oily skin – and also protects the skin from up to 90% of environmental aggressors.

To use, simply dispense one pump of the Cleansing Oil onto the palm of the hand and massage onto damp skin to lather. Rinse well with warm water using a soft towel or flannel.

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