Formulation Focus: Nourishing Night Cream with aurafirm P

The skin microbiome has fast become one of the beauty industry’s hottest topics of recent times. There are two key reasons for this: 1) with the advent of the internet, and thus a new, instantaneous method of information gathering, consumers have been exposed to a wealth of knowledge on the science of skincare once reserved for a select-few industry insiders, and 2) the microbiome’s profile has, inevitably, been boosted by the almighty natural beauty trend with microbiome-friendly skincare a fitting solution to many a consumer calling. As a result, consumers are now actively seeking products that serve to enhance the health of the microbiome through the use of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics. Our answer to this? Gentle skincare formulated with aurafirm, our range of oat-fermented actives.

To demonstrate the efficacy of aurafirm, we’ve recently formulated an indulgent Night Cream with 2% aurafirm P. The Night Cream works to renew skin texture for a radiant complexion while supporting the skin microbiome with highly efficacious oat-based prebiotics.

Aurafirm P and Nourishing Night Cream

aurafirm P, our oat-fermented cream and key ingredient in this deluxe formulation, works over time to support the beneficial bacteria found on the skin thanks to its prebiotic nature. By definition, prebiotics are substances that can be exploited by beneficial bacteria and which provide the breeding ground for the skin microbiome. This action is evident in the data below which shows that aurafirm P enhances the growth of the ‘good’ bacteria on the skin (S. epidermidis) yet has a strong antimicrobial effect on those considered potentially pathogenic (Corynobacterium spp and P. aeruginosa). Thus, regular use of the Night Cream results in a strengthened skin microbiome that provides greater barrier protection from potentially disruptive external aggressors.

Graph showing effect of aurafirm P on bacterial growth

While the above prebiotic benefits become most apparent with long-term use of the Nourishing Night Cream, the luxurious formulation also delivers a host of overnight skin miracles: reducing skin roughness to improve skin texture and reveal a delightfully smooth, healthy complexion.

Formulation NameUsageKey IngredientPercentage
Nourishing Night CreamApply every evening to clean skin to enhance skin radiance and support skin-beneficial bacteriaaurafirm P2

If you are interested in creating a similar product using aurafirm P, please contact your local distributor for more information. In the meantime, you can see the full formulation breakdown and method used to create our Nourishing Night Cream here.

Significant: * = p<0.05 (95%), **= p<0.01 (99%), #= p<0.1 (90%)

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