Formulation Friday: Radiance Booster with aurafirm S

Formulation Friday: Radiance Booster with aurafirm S

Cited as one of Mintel’s Global Consumer Trends for 2019, the microbiome is garnering increasing interest in the beauty and personal care industry. The microbiome is the community of organisms including bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses hosted on the skin, and mounting evidence has found its balance to play a key role in optimising skin health. As a result, the use of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics in cosmetics has increased rapidly in recent times due to their well-known ability to help restore microbial balance. This increase can be seen in the graph below, with the percentage of new beauty and personal care products making prebiotic and postbiotic claims now reaching 0.2%.

New products making probiotic and prebiotic claims
Source: Mintel

In keeping with the microbiome trend, we launched aurafirm in April 2018. aurafirm is a prebiotic range of natural Oat fermented actives developed using a marriage of Oat COM, our advanced colloidal oatmeal, and a highly specialised Lactobacillus strain. The range consists of three grades, aurafirm N, P, and S, all of which offer different benefits to the skin and have distinct characteristics.

In this Formulation Friday we’re shining the spotlight on aurafirm S, our active liquid serum of a water-like consistency, which we recently incorporated into a Radiance Booster. This Radiance Booster is a light-weight, transparent serum that sinks rapidly into the skin upon application, leaving skin soft to the touch. The incorporation of aurafirm S means the Radiance Booster deeply penetrates and stabilises the skin barrier through a complex of amino acids, fatty acids and phospholipids. Also rich in natural-exfoliating AHAs, aurafirm S promotes cell renewal to reveal radiant skin. These key properties of the ingredient enable our Radiance Booster to deliver on its primary purpose whilst also improving skin health with use.

aurafirm S
Formulation NameUsageKey IngredientPercentage
Radiance Booster with aurafirm SReveal radiant skin and restore microbial balanceaurafirm S2%

If you are interested in creating a similar product using aurafirm S to harness the increasingly popular microbiome trend, please contact your local distributor for more information regarding the ingredient. In the meantime, you can see the full formulation and method used to create our Radiance Booster here.

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