Formulation Friday: Oat-Based Sun Care

Summer is well and truly underway in the Northern Hemisphere, with temperatures soaring to over 40°C in some regions. Whilst the strong summer sun has its benefits – providing a rich dose of Vitamin D and the potential for an enviable golden tan, the skin requires extra special care at this time of year to protect it from damaging rays.

Sun care: application of after sun cream to sun burn Sun damage usually manifests itself in sunburn wherein the skin becomes red, irritated and sore, but it can also wreak havoc with the long-term appearance of the skin. Issues faced by those with this long-term skin damage often include pigmentation, wrinkling, and a loss of elasticity and firmness due to depletion of fatty acid and collagen levels [1]. More seriously, sun damage can also increase the risk of various skin cancers. According to experts, 9 in 10 cases of melanoma are preventable: highlighting the importance of sun care awareness [2].

Over the past few years, consumers have continued to become more knowledgeable about sun care, with many now incorporating high factor sunscreens into their everyday beauty regimes. The fact that the global sun care market value is expected to hit $17bn by 2024 – up $5bn from 2019 – provides solid evidence of growing consumer interest in the area [3].

Renowned for their soothing and reparative properties, oats make for an ideal natural sun care ingredient. To demonstrate just how easily our oat-derived ingredients can be incorporated into products for this market, we’ve formulated an SPF 30 Sun Cream and After Sun Cream.

Formulation NameUsageKey Ingredient(s)Percentage
SPF 30 Sun CreamMoisturise skin and provide protection from UV rays Oat COM USP / Oat Lipid e2% / 1%
After Sun CreamCalm and cool sun exposed skinOat COM USP / Oat Lipid e2% / 1%

SPF 30 Sun CreamSun care: application of oat-based sun lotion to face

Maintaining moisture levels in the skin and protecting it from the short- and long-term consequences of sun damage is especially important during the summer months when the sun is at its strongest.  We’ve formulated an SPF 30 Sun Cream to demonstrate how Oat COM and Oat Lipid, our advanced colloidal oatmeal and premium oat oil, can be used to create a product that meets these sun and skin care needs simultaneously. With an SPF of 30, this non-greasy, easy-to-apply sun cream offers protection from UVB and UVA rays that can seriously damage the skin. The formula also goes one step further due to the inclusion of Oat Lipid and Oat COM, providing the intense hydration and moisturisation of a body lotion to keep skin looking and feeling its best. This combination of sun and skin care benefits makes our SPF 30 Sun Cream formula ideal for use as part of a quick yet effective everyday body care regime.  

After Sun Cream

Sometimes, the sun’s rays are stronger than anticipated and, despite taking the necessary precautions, sun burn occurs. In this instance, it is important to treat the irritated skin with a gentle, cooling after sun lotion that can work to heal the skin’s surface, so we’ve formulated an After Sun Cream containing Oat COM and Oat Lipid to do just this. Upon application, this lightweight, easily absorbing cream immediately cools sun exposed skin to provide instant relief from inflammation. The inclusion of Oat COM means the formula works to reduce the unsightly redness associated with sun burn and alleviate any soreness. As harsh sun exposure can also leave skin feeling uncomfortably dry and tight, it is essential to keep it as hydrated and moisturised as possible – Oat Lipid effectively assists in this by locking in moisturise to reduce transepidermal water loss and preventing further drying.


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