Formulation Friday: Baby Care with Oat COM and Oat Lipid

Currently worth an estimated $77bn and expected to grow by more than 50% within the next 10 years, the global baby care market is booming. Notably, it is key players in the personal care sector, such as Johnson & Johnson, that dominate this thriving baby care market which encompasses everything from toys to feeding accessories [1]. The baby personal care market itself is Sensitive Skin Care Creamwitnessing major growth in line with this wider trend, as demand for baby-specific skin care products soars globally [2]. This is particularly apparent in China, wherein skincare accounted for 60% of the total baby personal care market in 2018 [3].

Much like in adult personal care, demand for natural ingredients in the baby market is increasing [4]. This is in part due to the wider naturalness/sustainability trend but also due to the values held by parents purchasing personal care products for their babies, with safety and gentleness being top priorities [5]. Gentleness has long been an important claim in this sector as baby skin is considerably thinner than that of adults, resulting in weak barrier function and increased absorption of topically applied products.

To cater for this growing baby care market and demonstrate the efficacy of our ingredients in this area, we’ve formulated a Nappy Rash Cream, Sensitive Skin Care Cream and Dry Skin Relief Cream to gently care for delicate baby skin.

Formulation NameUsageKey IngredientPercentage
Nappy Rash CreamRapidly reduce redness and itching to relieve discomfortOat COM USP2%
Sensitive Skin Care CreamProtect delicate baby skin and lock in moistureOat COM USP / Oat Lipid e2% / 0.5%
Dry Skin Relief CreamNourish and protect dry, irritated skinOat COM USP2%

Nappy Rash Cream

Baby Care Market

Due to babies’ weakened skin barrier functionality, they are particularly susceptible to skin irritation and redness. This irritation commonly occurs in the delicate area of skin that regularly comes into contact with nappies, experiencing near-constant friction with limited exposure to air. To demonstrate the soothing capabilities of our oat-derived ingredients, we’ve formulated a Nappy Rash Cream containing Oat COM, which works to relieve the discomfort of nappy rash experienced by so many babies.  This silky-smooth, viscous cream has been carefully formulated with gentle, natural ingredients that compliment the use of Oat COM. The inclusion of our advanced colloidal oatmeal, rich in avenanthramides that rapidly reduce the redness and itching associated with nappy rash, enables the formulation to be highly efficacious yet extremely gentle on baby skin.

Sensitive Skin Care Cream 

The fact that baby skin is so much thinner than that of adults means it is frequently prone to dryness as a result of increased transepidermal water loss. Therefore, use of gentle products that enhance skin barrier function whilst effectively hydrating the skin is imperative; for this reason, we formulated our Sensitive Skin Care Cream containing both Oat COM and Oat Lipid e. These two ingredients play a key role in the formulation, working to lock in moisture by forming a physical barrier on the skin surface to reduce transepidermal water loss. The inclusion of Oat Lipid also enables the Sensitive Skin Care Cream to effectively supplement lipids – hydrating skin and alleviating dryness. This formulation is safe for everyday use on delicate baby skin.

Dry Skin Relief Cream

Our Dry Skin Relief Cream containing Oat COM, formulated to combat the symptoms of extremely dry, flaky skin, is gentle enough for both adult and baby personal care. Previously discussed in a recent Formulation Friday, you can find more information about this gentle cream here

If you are interested in creating similar baby care products to those featured in this post using Oat COM USP or Oat Lipid, please contact your local distributor for more information regarding the ingredients. In the meantime, you can see the full formulations and methods used to create our Nappy Rash Cream, Sensitive Skin Care Cream or Dry Skin Relief Cream by following the relevant link.


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