Formulation Focus: Skin Saviour Serum with aurafirm S

We’ve all been there – days, sometimes weeks, pass by with the skin acting up for no apparent reason, the solution to sudden flare-ups of redness, dryness or other irritation seemingly unknown. These occurrences can be totally puzzling, if not extremely frustrating. However, thanks to recent advances in research, the vast complex of micro-organisms found on the skin’s surface – known collectively as the skin microbiome – and their impact on skin condition is now better understood than ever before. So, could the skin microbiome hold the key to alleviating some once-puzzling occurrences of skin irritation?

Despite being invisible to the naked eye, the skin microbiome plays a fundamental role in our skin’s health and appearance. If the delicate balance of micro-organisms is disrupted – perhaps through use of too harsh a cosmetic product – this can have a negative effect on skin health, giving rise to a host of unwelcome issues such as inflammation and irritation. The good news, however, is that even following disruption the microbiome will return to its former glory with the right products to hand. In fact, our brand new Skin Saviour Serum with 2% aurafirm S is a great example of an ever-reliable, microbiome-rebalancing formulation that provides skin with a replenishing pick-me-up when needed most.

Left: aurafirm S | Right: Skin Saviour Serum

A lightweight, water-like formulation, the Skin Saviour Serum with aurafirm S rapidly restores bacterial levels on the skin. The serum’s key ingredient, aurafirm S, is proven to unselectively encourage the growth of some of the skin’s most common bacteria (S. epidermidis, Corynobacterium spp. and P. aeruginosa). This effect is evident in the graph below, which shows as much as a 210% greater increase in bacterial levels following application of aurafirm S in comparison to a control. As a result of this intensely replenishing action, the Skin Saviour Serum works to restore the foundations of skin health – a diverse, abundant skin microbiome – and is thus effective in relieving symptoms of microbiome disruption such as severe inflammation, redness and other irritation.

Graph showing effect of aurafirm S on bacterial growth

The Skin Saviour Serum, packed with lactic acid and other postbiotics, also helps to adjust the skin pH to a desirable medium for an instant complexion renewal. The full study results from which this conclusion can be drawn are soon to be released as part of our brand new aurafirm S data pack – be the first to catch a glimpse by signing up to receive our updates!

Formulation NameUsageKey IngredientPercentage
Skin Saviour SerumApply in skin emergencies or as part of a daily skincare routine after moisturiser to rapidly rebalance the skin microbiome and restore skin healthaurafirm S2

To create a similar microbiome-rebalancing formulation to that featured in this post, please contact your local distributor for more information regarding aurafirm S. In the meantime, you can see the full formulation and method used to create our Skin Saviour Serum here.

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