Educating Poland on our Texturising Ingredients


At Oat we rely on the professionalism of our distributors to promote and deliver our ingredients to the formulators and manufacturers within their territories. All our distributors are chosen because of their existing customer connections and relationships. A real test of whether or not this is the case is how the customer base responds when invited by a distributor to attend an information seminar on the ingredients they sell. On the 7th of June our Polish distributor ProTec Polska arranged such a seminar for their customers at the beautiful Polonia Palace Hotel in Warsaw.


IMG_1329 IMG_1334 The purpose of the event was not only to educate and inspire formulators to use the full range of ingredients that ProTec Polska have on offer but also give a view of market tends, provide a forum for networking and give customers an opportunity to get to know the manufacturers of the ingredients they are using.

The programme started at 9:30 and finished at 16:00 with plenty of breaks for drinks, biscuits and luxurious Swiss chocolates. At the end of the afternoon there was a lottery and prize draw before everyone broke for a late lunch in the hotel before going home.


“We want to encourage people to stay right to the end of the lectures, but also have stronger impact on how they perceive our Seminar” stated Tomasz Piotrowski, senior sales manager at ProTec Polska.


It worked! Only one person out the 64 who attended went home.


How did the event go down with the invitees?

Out of the 64 attendees 55 returned a feedback form. The results were extremely promising ….


1) Please assess today’s presentation topics: 54 very good, 1 moderate

2) Please assess the presentations essentially: 54 very good, 1 moderate

3) Please assess quality of the seminar organization: 54 very good, 1 moderate

4) Please assess quality of the translation: 10 very good, 14 moderate, 8 poor

5) Would you be interested in participating in similar event in the future: 55 yes


What made this seminar a success?

  • Protec had a realistic timescale that allowed for enough planning and promotion to ensure that the seminar was well attended.
  • They created a programme that was relevant to their target audience – the majority of which were senior formulators from the contract manufacturers.
  • A convenient appropriate, high quality venue was chosen, which met the aspiration.
  • The speakers were all highly knowledgeable, well prepared and delivered the presentations in an engaging way.
  • There were enough staff present to make sure that registration went smoothly and any issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently.


For more information on the practical presentation that Angus gave at the seminar please see the slides below or contact him directly at


We would like to thank Protec Ingredia Polska for the opportunity to meet and educate our customers face to face and to strengthen our bond with our distributors


Angus Robertson

Business Development Manager


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