Countdown to In-Cosmetics Global: 3 days to go

As we move closer to #incos17, we’re going back to the Bassett Botanicals ingredients range for today’s countdown.

Countdown to in-cosmetics Global: Day #3 DermiVeil

DermiVeil (Hordeum vulgare (Barley) Starch) is a barley derived free flowing powder and the other ingredient in our Bassett Botanicals range. What makes DermiVeil so special is its ultra-fine characteristic and its high levels of absorbency of water and oil. This high absorbency level helps control immediate and residual shine on the skin making it a great mattifying ingredient for compact mattifying powders in colour cosmetics. DermiVeil is also 100% natural, a clean label ingredient, and also acts as a natural thickener for cosmetic products. DermiVeil is the perfect ingredient to give a visual and sensorial improvement to low-cost products.

Where can I find DermiVeil?

DermiVeil can be used in a wide range of formulations to provide many different beauty benefits

  • Natural Sun Protection Cream – The ultra-fine characteristic of DermiVeil makes it a great ingredient to use in creams, especially SPF creams. Its natural thickening properties help to create a great feel on the skin after absorption.
  • In-Shower Self-Tanning Moisturiser – DermiVeil is used in this product to help naturally thicken the formulation to create a silky feel after the product has been absorbed.
  • Colour Cosmetics – DermiVeil has been used in both pressed powders and creamy matte lipstick chalks. DermiVeil can be used in pressed powders as a replacement for corn-starch. It also improves the blurring of imperfections such as fine lines and pores. In the creamy matte lipstick chalks, DermiVeil does not allow the formula to smudge or bleed and helps to prevent the lips from drying out.

If you’re heading to in-cosmetics Global in London from the 4th-6th of April, be sure to come and see us at stand LL01 to see for yourself why we’re so excited about DermiVeil!

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