Countdown to In-Cosmetics Global: 1 day to go

We can’t believe that in-cosmetics Global is only 1 day away! That also means that it’s the final day of our Oat Cosmetics countdown and today we’re looking at our award-winning Oat Lipid e.

Countdown to in-cosmetics Global: Day #1 Oat Lipid e

In 2015, our Oat Lipid e (Avena sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil) won a BSB Innovation Award for its multifunctionality as an oil that can restore the natural balance of the skin, as well as enhance the feel of both the skin and hair by hydrating, moisturising and soothing. This oat oil is a unique blend of complex lipids, and is the only refined natural oil that contains both the neutral and the polar lipids found in the skin. For this reason, Oat Lipid e easily and rapidly absorbs into the skin leaving a non-greasy feeling.

Where can I find Oat Lipid e?

Oat Lipid e is rich in ceramides and Vitamin E making it a fantastic ingredient for a variety of skin care and colour cosmetic products:

Skin Care – Because of its easy absorption and its high levels of ceramides, Oat Lipid e is able to lock in moisture making it the perfect ingredient for skin care formulas such as hand creams, facial serums, lip balms, and cleansers.

Hair Care – Oat Lipid e is rich in hair lipids, including ceramides and sterols, and can be added to hair oils and masks to help soften, hydrate and replenish damaged hair. It also leaves a non-greasy feel.

Colour Cosmetics – Adding Oat Lipid e to colour cosmetics formulations will give creamy makeup solutions a light effect. When added to lipstick, Oat Lipid e adds a glossiness to the formulation to help enhance colour and disperse the pigment. The inclusion of Oat Lipid e to pressed powders helps the product to soften and nourish the skin.

If you’re heading to in-cosmetics Global in London from the 4th-6th of April, be sure to come and see us at stand LL01 to see why our Oat Lipid e won the BSB Innovation Award and to test for yourself its hydrating properties!

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