Clean beauty: Could it be a trend that’s here to stay?

What is ‘clean beauty’? 

Consumers are speaking with their wallets. The rise in the sale of products that contain natural and nutrient-rich ingredients instead of chemical-based ingredients such as parabens and perfumes, suggests ‘clean beauty’ is something that customers really care about. ‘Clean beauty’ refers to skincare and beauty products that are non-toxic and that don’t contain synthetic ingredients. As ‘health and wellness’ has seen a growth in popularity over recent years through the ‘clean eating’ trend made famous by food bloggers such as Deliciously Ella and Hemsley + Hemsley, it is no surprise that consumers who care about the food choices they make, have also started caring about what they put on their skin. Increasing numbers of industry firms are starting to take notice of this, and claims such as ‘free-from’, ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘gluten-free’ can be found on a wide range of product labels.

Is it a trend that’s here to stay?

It seems that the driving force behind this new trend is the millennial generation, who want skin care and cosmetic products that do what they say on the tin, but that don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Natural skin care has changed a lot over the years, and it can now give many of the more established products a run for their money when it comes to efficacy and performance. What about the backlash against clean eating? Will that effect the demand for clean beauty? Not necessarily. Although some food bloggers appear to be distancing themselves away from word ‘clean’, the popularity of healthy and natural ingredients is set to grow. As the move towards ‘natural’, ‘raw’ and ‘fresh’ ingredients continues, it seems clean beauty, especially among the younger generations, is something that consumers are going to actively look for.

What have oats got to do with ‘clean beauty’?

Oats have been around for thousands of years and there is evidence to suggest that they were used by the Greeks and Romans for their medicinal purposes as part of a bathing routine to sooth and heal the skin. Oats have also been traditionally viewed as beneficial for the body and healthy to eat, and are often a food staple at many a breakfast table. Yet oats are not only healthy for the body but also for the skin! In response to the higher demand for natural ingredients that also provide real and significant beauty benefits, oats can provide skincare and cosmetic formulations with soothing and moisturising properties that occur naturally. As consumers demand more natural and organic products combined with the best skincare and hair science that the industry has to offer, oat oils and flours have risen in popularity because of their naturally high levels of ceramides and complex blend of lipids. As skincare is increasingly being seen as ‘food for the skin’, the inclusion of oat-based ingredients is proving an interesting option for formulators who are looking to create high performance products that are natural and non-harmful.

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