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A few months ago I was contacted by Sabine – a 22-year-old enthusiastic ethnobotanist who recently graduated in plant biology from Aberystwyth University and is about to undertake a ‘Medicinal Plants and Functional Foods’ masters at Newcastle University. Sabine can now add part time blogger to her list of impressive achievements as she launched her blog ‘Chic Botanique’ this summer to remove the misconception that plants are boring and only for aspiring gardeners.

As a self-confessed oat fan, Sabine was already well aware of the fantastic health and skincare benefits of the traditional oat, but came to Oat Cosmetics to discover how our ingredients differ from the average oat grain you find in your porridge!

Find out how Sabine got on with our ingredients in the following excerts from her blogs:


Sabine Hein Chic Botanique Blog Oat Cosmetics ReviewOat-Standing Performance

” Hello!

I am super excited because I have a collaboration planned with Oat Cosmetics, a leading manufacturer and supplier of oat derived cosmetics ingredients to the beauty industry.

The uses for oats (Avena sativa) are endless and I am absolutely obsessed with eating them (oat cookies, flapjacks, porridge, oat milk etc) but who would’ve imagined that they would be amazing for your skin too? Historically they were used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans as they believed oats hold beautifying properties- and they were right! ”

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Sabine Hein Chic Botanique Blog Oat Cosmetics SerumSilicone-free facial serum

” Happy Monday everyone! 🌸

I’ve been sent a lovely bundle of oaty-beauty products and I am super excited to test them. Beginning with the Silicone-Free facial serum. The purpose of a facial serum is to maintain the correct balance of oil and water in the skin, for optimum moisture levels. I always make sure that I apply moisturiser every morning before make-up, and every night to ensure my skin remains moisturised, supple and radiant. 😊

There are hundreds of facial serums out on the market these days that choosing the right one can be tricky. And I am not going to lie, I’ve tested so many different types and brands (we’ve all been there) but they’re often left half full for so many reasons (doesn’t absorb properly, clogs up pores, allergy problems, break out of spots etc). But taking into account the fact that this serum is as natural and pure as you can get I have a feeling that this might be the one!

This serum is formulated with Oat Lipid, Oat COM and Oat SILK

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Sabine Hein Chic Botanique Blog Oat Cosmetics Bronzer

Oat Cosmetics

” It’s raining again today so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to play around and test some other make-up items from Oat cosmetics.

Today I will be wearing:

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You will hear more from the lovely Sabine as we will be working with her over the next few months to review some of our new ingredients that are yet to be launched! She has some great collaborations with well-known scientists and botanists which are well worth a read. Read more from Sabine’s blog here!

Are you interested in trying out our ingredients? Contact us for a sample today.

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