Hello and welcome to my blog on the Oat Cosmetics website, the first of many I hope.

I wanted to talk about the rise of male beauty and personal care products, as this is something that has really broken into the market in past few years and looks like it is here to stay. According to figures from Euromonitor, the market for male cosmetics products alone is predicted to reach €121 million by 2018.

Much of this comes down to the social and media acceptance of male grooming – dedicated male beauty bloggers are now established and followed online and I think beauty brands themselves have started to approach the male grooming market differently – more male oriented packaging in particular has caught my eye on supermarket shelves.

If I am honest though (and why wouldn’t I be!?) It is all about the rise of the beard! Whilst I can’t grow an effective one myself, not since the reign of Henry VIII has the full on chin bush adorned so many faces, not just in the UK but globally. Galena, the distributor of Oat Cosmetics in Brazil (a country famed for a lack of hair!), has run a very successful campaign about beard styling and maintenance using Oat Lipid e, whilst Chris Smith of Chrysalis Labs has recently penned an article in Personal Care Magazine, highlighting how beard products are developing thanks to the addition of advanced oils and that the popularity of them is driving formulators to look at new and exciting ingredients to cater for the growing demand.

I don’t claim that the beard is here to stay but certainly its popularity has led the industry to up its game (and profits) when catering for the male grooming market and for men it has become something that has to be looked after lovingly to work and this dedication may well see a change in grooming habits.

There is of course another very famous historical beard and this links me nicely to our opening times during the Easter Holidays.

Friday 25th March – Closed All Day

Monday 28th March – Closed all Day

Until next time…