Bassett Botanicals

What is Bassett Botanicals?

Bassett Botanicals is a new cosmetic ingredient brand from Oat Cosmetics. It launched near the end of 2016 and currently consists of two ingredients, DermiVeil and Virgin Poppy Seed Oil.

Oat Cosmetics doesn’t have a big ingredient portfolio, so why does it need a new ingredient brand?

When Oat Cosmetics was first created, the goal was to produce Oat derived ingredients to the cosmetic industry. The name fitted our range of products very well and we have built up a brand that is synonymous with oat ingredients. As our journey into the world of cosmetics has progressed, our company and brand recognition grown and our distributor network gone global, we have discovered a number of exciting ingredients that aren’t derived from oats but that fit with our overall company ethics of sustainably produced, natural ingredients. These new ingredients have areas of application that complement our oat derived ingredients and to progress the business without taking away anything from the brand that we have worked so hard to develop, we decided to create the Bassett Botanicals range making it easy for our customers to understand the differences between our oat and non-oat ingredients, whilst ensuring that the same values and standards are applied to all.

Where did the name come from?

We wanted a name that reflected the natural, plant derived ingredients that we offer and that meant something to us. Our headquarters are located in Bassett Avenue, Hampshire and Bassett Botanicals fitted the bill, rolling off the tongue beautifully!

How do I differentiate between your ingredients now?

We have created a new logo for our Bassett Botanicals range which will be present on marketing information, data sheets, adverts and website ingredient pages. If you see the logo, you know that it is a non-oat derived ingredient. 

Bassett Botanicals Logo

Does this mean that you will not be releasing any more oat derived ingredients?

No, far from it. Our focus still remains the production of oat derived ingredients. We have a number of exciting oat ingredients in the pipeline at the moment which we are looking forward to launching in the near future.

Where are the ingredients in the Bassett Botanicals range sourced from?

The ingredients in the Bassett Botanical range are sourced from a variety of countries and industries. Like our oat derived ingredients we have made a commitment that all of the ingredients within the Bassett Botanical range will conform to our company ethos, namely:

  • Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Ethical
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