aurafirm P

Prebiotic Active to Support a Healthy Microbiome

Targeting skin that has been exposed to environmental factors and pollutants, aurafirm P is essential for any skincare formulations. This fermented oat active works hard to maintain a healthy skin microbiome while giving the skin a radiant look.

The aurafirm range has been developed using a marriage of Oat COM – Oat Cosmetics’ leading, patented, advanced colloidal oatmeal and highly specialised and stable Lactobacillus strains, developed by German fermentation experts over 50 years using cutting-edge technology.

aurafirm P is also available as unpreserved (with the same efficacy as preserved)

Key Information

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Key Claims

Skin Radiance

aurafirm P significantly improves skin radiance immediately after application (in vivo results)


aurafirm P maintains the natural ratio of the cutaneous microbial population.

Reduces Skin Irritation

aurafirm P soothes the skin, reduces irritation, and repairs damaged skin.


214,000 Bacterial count/ ml of Lactobacillus Bacteria75%


10% Starch30%


4,800 mg/kg Organic Acids15%


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