aurafirm N

Probiotic-Like Active with a Skin Firming and Plumping Effect

aurafirm oat microbiome

aurafirm N is a fermented oat active that is designed to rebalance the skin microbiome whilst firming and plumping the skin.  Targeting a range of skin types, aurafirm N has skin deep efficacy which helps to fight the signs of tired and dull-looking skin.


  • Rebalances and improves the diversity of skin-beneficial bacteria on the skin microbiome
  • Restores the concentration of bacteria commonly lost through natural ageing
  • Maintains skin pH better than untreated skin
  • Increases the thickness of the stratum corneum and epidermis
  • Firms and plumps up the skin

aurafirm N is also available as unpreserved (with the same efficacy as preserved)

Key Information

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Balances the Skin Microbiome

aurafirm N improves the diversity of common skin bacteria, especially those that can be lost naturally through ageing and stressful lifestyle factors.

Firms and Plumps up the Skin

aurafirm N improves the skin firmness and plumpness in just 7 days.

Increases the Epidermal Thickness

aurafirm N increases the epidermis thickness, stratum corneum thickness, and lamination resulting in skin that looks and feels healthier.


130,000 Bacterial Count/ml of Lactobacillus Bacteria60%


1% Amino Acids30%


5,000 mg/kg Organic Acids29%


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