Colour Cosmetics

ingrédients cosmétiques

Colour cosmetics products (commonly called make-up) are designed to add colour and thereby enhance the appearance of the skin. They are mainly used on, but not limited to, the face and have been part of human life for thousands of years – ancient Sumerian men are said to have invented and worn lipstick in the year 5000 B.C.

In more recent times, formulators have sought what they term dual benefit ingredients which don’t just decorate the face but contain cosmetics ingredients that provide a benefit to the skin.

Cosmetics Ingredients

Why use Oat COM (Colloidal Oatmeal) in colour cosmetics? Oat COM, particularly Oat COM IRR our irradiated Oat COM, is being used more frequently in colour cosmetic due to its low microbial load and ability to relieve sensitive and compromised skin. It particularly excels in the following colour cosmetic areas:

  • Builds extra length and volume on eyelashes
  • Provides safe alternatives to fibres and other eye irritating ingredients in mascaras
  • A safe and irritant free ingredient with excellent microbial purity

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ingrédients cosmétiques

Colour Cosmetics

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